Client Success Story

John Conkle

john cJohn Conkle has been a member of the CCBDD family for many years, and in recent years, has taken many remarkable steps toward gaining a great deal of personal independence. John is the first individual in our county to use Remote Monitoring as a waiver service, and he has proven to his team that he is more than capable of using these supports in lieu of residential staff. A good example of this is how John uses his Remote Monitoring cameras for support with self-administration of his medications. John has successfully held a job in the community at the Mountaineer Casino, and is one of the most dependable employees in his group. Perhaps the most notable accomplishment is that John, along with his housemate, have purchased their own home and independently maintain the property. CCBDD commends John for everything he does to promote his own independence, and supports him as he continues to build upon his past successes.

March 2019